Johnny Silvercloud is a U.S. Army vet turned civil rights/conflict photographer and anti-racism/sexism writer. Not a fan of intentional stupidity or passive-aggressive racism supporters, which tends to overlap. Hey there. I'm Johnny Silvercloud. Also known as the Vicious Abolitionist. The Downtown Defenestrator. The Analytical Ocular; Badass Photographer. The Soul Brother #1 of a Kind. I am an Afro-American 20-year U.S. Army Veteran (retired) who began writing about racism and white supremacy. I also began street doing photography, especially covering protests (progressives) and reactionaries (conservatives). I like suits, martinis, girls, guns, tea, and critical thinking and debate. I dislike stupid people, excuses, racism, sexism, plagiarists, thought termination clichés, and fascists.

If you're a plagiarist who steals from Black writers, I will make you pay. If you steal from Black photographers, I'll make you pay--literally.

And no, I don't have to respect your opinion. And don't defend your racist/sexist bullshit with a constitutionality argument unless I'm arresting you, summoning you to a federal court, and seeking a federal indictment on you. Do not defend right-wing people, and no, being a Black right-wing propogandist will not save them from proper critique. Do not come after those I care about. Do not wrong those whom I defend.

I like facilitating great minds on the subjects I approach, which is the reason why my publication exists, AfroSapiophile. Consider giving it a look.

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Johnny Silvercloud

20 yr U.S. Army vet turned analytical street photographer who talks about power, protest, and politics. Do not defend racism or sexism when I’m in the room.