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  • Kelsey Ogbewe

    Kelsey Ogbewe

    Essayist | Poet | Activist “You cannot enslave a mind that knows itself, that values itself, that understands itself…” — Wangari Maathai #WEOC

  • Teed Rockwell

    Teed Rockwell

    I am White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Male Heterosexual cisgendered highly educated able-bodied affluent and thin. Hope to learn from those living on the margins.

  • Yi Shun Lai

    Yi Shun Lai

    Diversity&Inclusion educator. Author, Pin Ups (9/20). Columnist, The Writer mag. theGooddirt.org; @gooddirt. Psst: Say “yeeshun.” You can do it!

  • Hbretsgue


  • Ryan Zaharako

    Ryan Zaharako

    U.S. Marine (95-99)| U of Texas grad | Clio Key Art Award-winning copywriter | Support my writing by becoming a Medium Member! https://bleedingmarine.medium.com

  • Ebony Edwards-Ellis

    Ebony Edwards-Ellis

    Author of "Former First Lady" and "Memoir of a Royal Consort." Twitter provocateur, aspiring shut-in, and newly minted Roosevelt Islander.

  • Sharonda Harris-Marshall

    Sharonda Harris-Marshall

    is a filmmaker, photographer, and digital media artist living a stereotypical artist life. She could have been a doctor or a scientist, but here we are.

  • Gemini McCain

    Gemini McCain

    Meditating this morning and realized I didn’t know myself. Writing this because The Man said I should. I might change it later, but I doubt it. Namaste.

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