Photography Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

The Six Freedoms Kept From Black Folk’s Grasp

Being black in America is one hell of an experience that white people, definitely would not trade. Being black in America means automatically to be feared as “America’s Boogeyman”. Being black in America means that you will have to give your children, very unique “talks” (that no other race has…

Police Accountability

A Protest March for a man shot by police while he was in his car, sleeping

Justice for Antwan Gilmore Protest March, New York Avenue North East Washington D.C. / 4 Dec 2021 / Photo Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

Justice for Antwan Gilmore

A protest called Justice for Antwan Gilmore occurred in North East Washington D.C., on December 4th, 2021.

Antwan Gilmore was a Black man shot and killed in his car while sleeping. Washington D.C. Police (known as locally as Metro PD or MPD) killed Antwan Gilmore around 2:45 a.m. on the…

Dave Chappelle

This is my critical analysis of Dave Chappelle’s Controversial Netflix joint, and it’s not pretty.

Dave Chappelle sitting in the audience of a UFC event. | Photo Credit: Stacy Revere via Getty Images

Short Story

I, Johnny Silvercloud, was, in the most passive-aggressive, gaslighting manner, was accused of transphobia from a prominent “social justice” Medium publication editor in a mass email. I asked for clarification just in case I see things wrong because the accusation was categorically passive-aggressive. The person never answered. The person never…

A Hill to Die On

Maybe I just hate stupid people

A protester dresses as a hospitalized Donald Trump. Then-president Trump almost assassinated his own self by contracting the COVID-19 virus in 2020, the same virus he stated was a “hoax”. The presidency of Trump is where the pandemic disinformation began, literally. | 20 Oct 2020 | Photo Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

Intro and Disclaimer

Before we begin as I chew the scene away like beef jerky teriyaki, I want to point out that I’m not talking about people who have a legitimate reason of not taking vaccines. I’m not talking about those who have compromised immune systems. I’m not talking about those who will…

Conservatives are a Suicide Cult

The logic of American Conservatives = It’s Perfectly fine to kill conservatives

“Cryle” Rittenhouse. A white boy’s tears are white supremacy’s ammunition.

Rittenhouse Logic

Technically, Rittenhouse was the #1 threat in the area the whole time. If no protesters or “rioters” killed anyone, and he killed two, then who was the threat here?

“When people argue on principles and disregard those principles fleetingly, only to readopt them later, one must pay attention to the…

A Hill to Die On

“Be the Bridge” tries to be for Black people with a white supremacist viewpoint.

The Commitment March, “Get your knee off our necks”. Organized by Al Sharpton. Washington D.C. | 28 Aug 2020 | Photo Credit: Johnny Silvercloud


Hello there everyone. I would imagine if you are reading this you know me already, but if not here we go:

I am Johnny Silvercloud, an educational activist who writes against white supremacy and advocate for all silenced, oppressed, and persecuted people within my understanding. I do this by way…

Kyle Rittenhouse (Murderer)

Would a Judge Schroeder cut Black political gunmen, or white leftist ones, the same slack as he does Rittenhouse?

NFAC in Washington, D.C. 6 Jan 2021. NFAC is a Afro-American self-defense group known for gun ownership. | Photo Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

What If Kyle was Unapologetically Black?

What if things went differently? What if we changed one detail of the murderous white boy Kyle Rittenhouse and made him Black? Not only make Kyle Rittenhouse Black but also make his politics not rightwing? …

Thoughts and Reflections

An examination of Black Magic in a real world

Secretary of State Colin L. Powell in February 2001. | Photo Credit: Kenneth Lambert via Associated Press

Another Look at Colin Powell

“May we remember Colin Powell for his service, — but more importantly, — and as a person, who just happened to be a political general giant, too.” ~ Q U I N T E S S A, Colin Powell: A Political General

“Powell did everything White people demanded from Black…

Cinema Analysis

I wish we as Americans were able to see our history for what it is

Jet Li in Tai Chi Master (also known as Twin Warriors) [1993]

It was a pretty chill weekend.

Hey man, I’ll have to admit, I’m pretty jealous. I’m having this realization of the fact that Chinese folk are like, “Aye, our Forefathers are evil warlords yo.” I genuinely wish Americans — white people of America to be precise — were capable of…


Before You Attempt to Pretend a Part of You Away, Examine WHY You Feel That Way

A troop of young Black girls dance in a parade for Martin Luther King’s Birthday in Anacostia, Washington D.C. You cannot pretend your Blackness away anymore than you can erase the Blackness in the presence of these young Black performing artists. Black and proud they are, and there’s nothing anyone can take away from them. Friendship Tech Prep Academy. | 20 Jan 2020 | Photo Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

All Types Out on These Internet Streets

So many things changed in less than a year on Medium. I saw nonsensical tech crap trending while Chauvin’s murder trial was the biggest trending thing in the world. I saw white supremacist white chicks argue that Black men are trained dog assassins with poisonous doggie treats (ridiculous, I know)…

Johnny Silvercloud

The analytical street photographer who exists to fight against racism, sexism, and fascism. U.S. Army vet. Writer. Speaker. Twitter: @johnnysilverclo

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